For more than 30 years, Advanced Planning Group has been helping businesses and high-net worth individuals protect and grow the assets they have worked a lifetime to create. Through life insurance products and related estate-planning strategies, we assist our clients in building, preserving and passing on their wealth, and we have done so with an absolute insistence on achieving their goals.

Advanced Planning Group offers expert knowledge in all types of life insurance, a solid understanding of current legal and tax regulations, and industry-leading underwriting capabilities. We provide our clients with the right solutions for their needs, drawn from the entire spectrum of life insurance products and options — including traditional life insurance underwriting, life settlements, annuity arbitrage, premium financing and more. We create unique strategies that help preserve wealth, reduce tax commitments and provide a lifetime income — all based on the individual client's needs.

In the end, our company provides clients expert guidance in simple, practicable terms, backed by the highest levels of integrity to help them achieve maximum results.

For information concerning your policy or claims please
contact the policyholders service phone number listed on your annual statement.


The monitoring of the policy performance is the sole responsibility of the policy owner which includes:

  • Confirming payments are made as due
  • Requesting updated in force illustrations from the carrier to confirm the contract duration based on interest crediting rates and mortality charges
  • Confirming the correct billing address